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What is Talk'n'Job?
Talk’n’Job is an innovative start-up from Baden-Württemberg. Talk’n’Job has set itself the goal of lowering the application barriers and enabling simple and quick applications within 2 minutes and without any application documents. The right questions still provide sufficient information for an initial pre-qualification.
What makes Talk'n'Job special?

We pick up the candidates where they are, with what they have. With voice-guided chat applications via smartphone, companies are able to attract up to 37% more applicants. And through our all-round service.

How are the chats created?

As soon as you have decided to use our tool, you will be supported by our Customer Success Team. The questions and the look of the chat are then agreed together. You can choose from many different avatars and customize the chat according to your corporate design.

How do I receive the applicants' answers?

As soon as the applicants have finished the chat, it is transcribed and made available to your HR department as a text document. It does not matter whether the candidate types in or speaks the answers.

How can I customize the chat and avatar?

Our graphics team will create your individual avatar from a range of avatar suggestions. Whether blonde hair, brown or black, we work hard to fulfill your wishes. Your logo and a suitable image of your display/work environment are also integrated. This includes a chat that is individually tailored to you and your company. This is how we create a customized experience for the applicant.

How long will it take until we can use Talk'n'Job in our company?

As soon as we have received all the important information from the customer, Talk’n’Job can be used within a few days to a week.

Where is my data located?

All data is stored on Deutsche Telekom servers in Germany.

How can I reach more candidates with Talk'n'Job?

With Talk’n’Job, digital advertising is possible via classified ads, career sites, etc. As well as an analog one via QR codes, these can be placed individually, for example on stickers, printed cars, flyers, beer mats, etc. More candidates can be addressed through the various playout methods.

Why use language applications?

Language is the most important means of interpersonal communication. We offer up to XX languages so that companies can get in touch with as many applicants as possible.

How long has Talk'n'Job been around?

Founded in 2020, the Heidelberg-based start-up has made a name for itself in Germany’s HR landscape within just a few years.

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