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University Hospital Southampton (UHS), a Leading NHS Trust, Witnesses Surge in Applications and Higher Conversion Rates following the adoption of Talk’n’Job.

Talk’n’Job, the innovative voice-driven job application channel developed by ApplyZ GmbH, is revolutionising the recruitment process and achieving remarkable results. University Hospital Southampton (UHS), one of the UK’s leading NHS Trusts, has experienced a substantial increase in applications and significantly higher conversion rates for interviews and employment following the adoption of the Talk’n’Job app.

Transforming Recruitment Channels with Talk’n’Job’s Cutting-Edge Technology

Talk’n’Job has captured the attention of the healthcare industry with its cutting-edge technology. By leveraging the power of voice-driven applications, Talk’n’Job offers a seamless and user-friendly experience to candidates, eliminating traditional barriers and streamlining the screening process. Candidates can effortlessly complete the application within two minutes by responding to automated avatar questions using their voice. The virtual interviews, conducted in multiple languages, are transcribed and seamlessly integrated into the existing application process.

Unparalleled Success in Attracting and Engaging Candidates

Since implementing Talk’n’Job, UHS has witnessed very positive results, demonstrating the app’s ability to attract and engage candidates effectively. The conversion rates achieved through Talk’n’Job are strong, with social media posts achieving a 5% conversion rate and the job platform achieving an outstanding 28% conversion rate, eight times higher than industry standards. These impressive numbers indicate the effectiveness of Talk’n’Job in capturing the interest of candidates and motivating them to complete the application process.

UHS Testimonial: Surge in Applications and Quality Candidates

UHS has experienced a significant increase in applications since adopting Talk’n’Job, resulting in a surge of qualified candidates. Not only has the number of applications risen, but the quality and motivation of candidates have also exceeded expectations. An impressive 37% of Talk’n’Job candidates progress through the interview process and receive offers, surpassing the conventional channels‘ success rate of 25%. These outcomes highlight the app’s effectiveness in identifying and attracting top talent for UHS.

Recognition at „The FIRM Awards“

The success achieved through the implementation of Talk’n’Job has garnered national attention in the UK. UHS and Talk’nJob have received nominations in three categories at this year’s „The FIRM Awards,“ a prestigious recruiting event in the UK. This recognition is a testament to the app’s impact on revolutionizing the recruitment landscape. The winners will be announced on 06/08/23 in London, eagerly awaited by the industry.

About Talk’n’Job by ApplyZ GmbH

ApplyZ GmbH, a pioneering company founded in Heidelberg, Germany, in September 2020, developed Talk’n’Job as a state-of-the-art recruitment channel. With a focus on enhancing smartphone user experience, Talk’n’Job significantly reduces application barriers and empowers organizations to effectively connect with a diverse range of candidates. The app generates up to 40% more applicants, demonstrating its unparalleled impact in the recruitment landscape. Talk’n’Job is currently utilized by 170 customers across seven countries, including renowned organizations such as Aldi, Adecco, John Deere, and B.Braun.

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